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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Middlegame Themes

Pin It Attacking the King

Kramnik - Karpov


FEN : 3rrb1k/p1pq1pp1/1pn1p2p/4P2P/3PRB2/2PN1QP1/P4P2/3R2K1

White has good space advantage in the centre. If now immediate 1g4 then 1... Ne7 2. g5 Nf5 allows Black's Knight to frustrate white's attack. So Kramnik plays the preventive move

1 Be7!

If now 1.... Ne7 then 2 Qxf7 wins a pawn.

1....Na5 2 g4!

Now this is good because the knight had moved awayfrom the centre.

2...Nc4 3. g5 Nxe3 4 fxe3

Black has to eliminate the bishop, but now White's centre is very strong and also the open 'f' file is under control of the white rook.

4...hxg5 5 Rg4 Qe7 6 Rf1 Rd1 7 Qg3 f6 8 e4!

Having provoked ...f6, White prepares for 9 ef6 gf6 10 e5! So Karpov makes a bid to activate his rooks.

8...Qa3! 9 ef6 Qxc3 10 f7 Rc8 11 d5!

This pawn sacrifice ensures that the 'd' file remains closed, eliminating any counter play by Black.

11... exd5 12 e5 c5 13 Rf3 c4 14 Nf2 Qe1+ 15 Kg2 Be7

White intends to break through with Rxg5 and h6 with quick mate.

16 Rxg5 Bxg5 17 f8=Q+ 1-0

If 17...Rxf8 18 Rxf8+ Kg7 19 Qg5 is too bad

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