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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Middlegame themes.

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RazuVAev    ----- Beliavsky

USSR Championship,  Minsk 1979

Yuri Razuvaev settled for the immediate win of a pawn
18 Nxe4  Bxe4  19 Qx e4 Qd5!  20 Qxd5 exd5

20 Qxd5   e x d5  21  Rfd1  Ke6   22  Kf1   Bd6   23 Bxd6
B) But the rook move to d1 seems to be more attractive.

18.  Rfd1   Qe8   19 Rd7 +  Kg6  

20  Nxe4?   Bxf2        
 C )   White must attack the queen with the other rook.
18  Rcd1 !   Qe8?!  Rd7+  Kg6   20 Nxe4   e5   21  Nxc5   Rx c5    Rxc7   22  Kxg7   23  Qxa7+    White wins his rook back and emerges with two extra pawns.

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