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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Opening Puzzle.

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In this type of puzzle the player has commited a blunder and you have to find the
reply to his move.

1 e4  c5   2 Nf3  d6  3  c3  Nf6  (played to attack the undefended pawn at e4 but Black neglect the
attack on the pawn at e4 and plays)   4  Be2 (You have to find why Black neglect the attack on e4 pawn and should White capture the Pawn if no what should be his next move and if captured what will happen?)

4....... Ne4
Its a Scicilian Opening.

If Knight takes the pawn at e4 then white will simly play

5  Qa4    Nc6    6  Qe4  and the black loses his Knight at e4.

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