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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Annotated Games

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Nimzowitsch - Pritzel

Copenhagen 1922
Pirc Defence

1  d4  g6   2  e4   Bg7  3  Nc3  d6   4  Be3  Nf6  5  Be2  0-0   6  Qd2  e5  7  d x e5   d x e5
8  0-0-0

Here an open file is created and White thinks that it will be favourable for him.

8 ......... Qxd2   9  Rxd2   c6?

Here Black played c6 with the intention to gain a control at d5 so that Knight cannot reach there.
But at the same time the control of d6 is relinquished.

10 a4!  Ng4   11 Bx g4   Bxg4  12  Nge2   Nd7?