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Monday, June 13, 2011

Book Review

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Book Review 1
Prepare to attack

The book ‘Prepare to Attack” is written by ‘Gary Lanes’  and Published by ‘Everyman Chess”
The Price of this book is Rs.982/- and available at flipcart.com.
The book has total pages of 191.
The contents of the book are as follows.

Introduction                                                                                      5
1.       Count the pieces                                                             15
2.       Carry on Attacking                                                          40                                                                          
3.       Direct attacks from the opening                                        58
4.       Secrets of Success                                                           94
5.       Cashing in your chips                                                     114
6.       History Always Repeats itself                                         140
7.       Tricks of the Trade                                                         170

Index of Openings                                                     190
Index of Complete Games                                         191

The book is very useful to every level player since it deals with the topic of attacking. It explains how attacking begins with the very simple funda of counting pieces and then carry the attack.  The
Chapter 4 deals with the ‘secrets of success’.  In this chapter the Author ‘Gary Lanes’ begins with the Bobby Fischer’s statement in the New York times, 1972 states that, “ I don’t believe in psychology, I believe in good moves.”  Indirectly the author  wants  to suggest you that ‘don’t believe in psychology but believe in best move.’  He simultaneously teaches the player to find the best move or predict the best move.

The book is the best coach which teaches how to predict a best move.  Here the author writes, “ I think it is fundamental when you have advantage that you go on the attack. However, this happy state of affairs will not always be true so there will be a need to be smart and tricky to extract an advantage from even an equal looking position. In my experience  one way to lure an opponent to their doom is predict-a-move. The standard idea is that you spot what your opponent is planning and then find a move that hides a trap should be carry on as intended. In other words you mask your true intentions while still playing a reasonable move to avoid suspicion.

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