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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chess Anecdotes 1

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Chess Anecdotes 1

According to legend, Fischer once played in a
tournament where a friend, a mere master, was also
playing. Fischer passed the other’s table as he was
strolling the tournament room. He paused for a second
or two to glance at his friend’s position, and then went 
on his way.
Several hours later the two met up in the hotel lobby.
“Did you win your game?” Fischer asked. “Yes,” the
master replied, “I was able to trade down to a pawn-up
rook endgame and ground it out in the end.”
Fischer blurted out, “But you had a five-move win!”
And he described (correctly) the five-move combination the master had
overlooked – which Fischer had spotted in seconds, and remembered hours later,
all while playing his own game.

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