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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chess Anecdotes.

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 How do you train?

How do you train to be come a world championship challenger? After becoming the newest challenger, Boris Gelfand offered some tips.
When he was a boy in Minsk, Gelfand got a copy of a collection of 60 games played by the great Akiba Rubinstein. "I came home from school, sat on a couch and read it without a board, game after game," he recalled.
Nowadays, he told the chess.ru Web site, "I always leaf through endgame books. Endgame knowledge needs to be refreshed . . . It should be on the level of instinct."
Gelfand is known as "The Professor" because he is one of the world's two or three top openings experts. Few games are decided in the opening, he concedes, but theory mavens like Garry Kasparov, Yefim Geller and Lev Polugayevsky became great players "precisely because of their work on openings."
But unlike most of the world's masters, Gelfand doesn't trust computer evaluations. "To me, the greatest joy is making moves the computer doesn't endorse," he said. He was delighted when online commentators, with one eye on their chess computers, criticized his play in the crucial candidates match finals game -- just before his opponent resigned

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