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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chess Game Improvement Ideas.

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I would like to publish different methods of improving chess game.
These methods are the collection from different books and the articles
of different well-known personalities in chess.

In the book Attack and Defence by Mark Dvoretsky and Artur Yusupov
Yusupov recommended a 'guessing game' in which a good game by a grandmaster is selected with his own detailed notes. After playing through the opening, start trying to guess his moves, one by one. Give yourself a very short itme for the whole game. Then compare your guesses with the grandmaster's actual moves and comments.

There is another way of improving chess game. Give yourself 15 minutes on the clock. Within this time you have to find the right move in five different position. The first position is set up on the chess board and the clock is started. On reaching your dicision, play the move on the board and stop the clock. Then the next position is set up and son. All five positions have to be solved before your flag falls. The tasks should not be too complicated or demand deep calculation, yet some should be simpler and some more difficult. You will need to economize your time to the full, to avoid getting into bad time-trouble over the final positions. But playing too quickly is dangerous too - you could easily make a silly mistake. You have won if you so solve all five positions correctly. Otherwise you have suffered a greater or lesser defeat.

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