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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chess Improvement Ideas

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 Chess Improvement Ideas 2

Mikhail Krasenkov in his one of article presented a more complex algorithm for calculation. this algorithm, which he illustrated is in fact used by many chess players in obscure positions.

1. Define the aim of your analysis  : In other words the criterion by which you will judge the variations and decide whether they satisfy you or not. The aim might be for example, to attain a decisive material plus; to increase your positional advantage; to equalize the game; to put up resistance in a bad position.

2. Look for ideas to achieve the aim; select appropriate candidate moves, and decide on their order of priority : Decide which ones are most or least likely to succeed.

3. Analysis the variations in order of priority : At each point in the analysis where a choice arises, the order of calculation should depend on the priority of the possible moves.

4. If you find a continuation which achieves the aim :  What follows depends on your available thinking time. If time is short , the main part of your analysis should stop at this point.

5. If as a result of your analysis no way is found to achieve the aim, your further action depends once again on the clock situation. With a time shortage you must lower your sights, correct the list of candidates moves, and resume the analysis.

6. If on the other hand there is plenty of time left, and your intuition suggests that the aim ought to be attainable  then you may deliberately perform a 'repeat analysis' of certain lines. In so doing you will be looking for new ideas to achieve the aim. Accordingly, you will find new candidate moves and 'candidates variations'.

7. It may be that while analysing one variation you hit on a new idea, a new candidate move, which does not apply to this particular variation In that case, decide where the new move comes in order of priority, but don't start to examine it before finishing with the line you are currently calculating. But if New Idea seems to be better give importance to its analysis.

8. One of the major defects in the mental equipment of many players is 'chess blindness', a proneness to overlook elementary replies for the opponent at a distance of one or two moves. An antidote to this failing is 'Blumenfeld's rule.

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