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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Child Champions!!!

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Child Champions !!!

Kasparov, 48, began playing chess as a small child and in 1985 became the youngest world champion at the age of just 22.
He remains the player to have achieved the highest ever points rating and recently spent a year tutoring the Norwegian child chess prodigy Magnus Carlsen, who is ranked No. 2 in the world at age 20, having already held the No. 1 spot at age 19.
For Kasparov, chess goes beyond national boundaries and cultural distinctions, providing those that play it, whether accomplished players or just beginners, with skills that are necessary even outside the realm of chess.
“It starts with a sense of responsibility. With playing chess, it means you are fully responsible for the result. If you make a good move, you win; if you make a bad move, you lose and there’s no one to blame,” he said.
“You are there to make all the difference. And today, in the modern environment with sharing responsibility, I think concentrating on your own decisions as the key to your success, or failure, is also important.”
Under his programme, computers will play a role in the curriculum, providing students the opportunity to learn to play, track scores from chess competitions online and compete against one another.
However, both he and Carlsen scorn chess games played against computers, which these days can beat nearly any human player and are said to have homogenized modern chess.
In the United States, the Kasparov Chess Foundation has been promoting chess in 3,500 schools since 2002. However, Kasparov hopes its European counterpart will be more cohesive and consistent across education systems.
 Compiled from Khaleej Times.


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