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Monday, June 20, 2011

Develop Chess Idea.

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Chess Improvement Ideas.

The following things are most important for the improvement of the Chess Game.

1. You must know all the openings thoroughly.
2. You should work hard in understanding the logic behind
     each opening move.
3. You should establish a thorough knowledge of middlegames.
4. You should study the games played by Grand Masters to
    understand their way of thinking. You should also
    study the games of club players to check the blunders
    they generally commit.
5. You should study the commentary and analysis of the
     games by Grand Master. It is most important to go through
     the annotated games ( at least 2000 ) without going through
     the small variations. Just play the game and read the
     analysis and go further.
6. When you make a mistake while playing on the board it is
    necessary to check the best move at that level after the game is
    over by the use of software.
7. Always play with the top ranking player and try to learn from them.
8. You should learn to make a move with the objective of end game.

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