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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tactical Ideas : Deflection.

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Defelction involves a forced move designed to deflect or force the move of an opponent's piece (Often the king) "away" from a square (ie.e go away) Where the opponent's is at a disadvantage.

It differs from the decoy, whose purpose is to force the opponent's piece "to" a specific square (i.e. come here) If the deflection is successful , the resulting position can result in forced mate, material loss or a positional advantage for the aggressor. We give below few games where the idea of deflection was used to win the game.

White plays 1.Rg7+ deflecting the Black King. After 1...Kxg7 2.Qxe7+ wins.

               Black to move

1..... Kh8   2  Qxd5   Nc2    3  Qg8+   1-0

If  3  ....Rg8    then   4  Nf7    Smothered mate.

If 3 ..... Qe8  4 Ra1   Qg6 etc.

            White to Play


             1 B x h7+   Kxh7   2 Qh5+   Kg8     3  Qh8#

Now Black aims for Arabian mate and forces the Rook to abandon the 'f' file

1  Rff1  Rg1+    2  Rx g1   Nf2#

The more positions will be added regularly

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