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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chess Annecdotes Part 6

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Michael Adams

Miracles appear to happen on the chessboard when the pieces are being guided by the exceptionally gifted hands of Michael Adams, who was born on the officeal feast day of Saint Gregory the Wonderworker. It's also quite appropriate that November 17 mars the birthday of film celebrities such as Denny de Vito, Rock Hudson, and Martin Scorsese, since Mickey loves movies almost as much as chess. Really good moves seem to get reeled of f effortlessly by England's super talented top-ranked grandmaster, but behind the outwardly relaxed scenes, some work has certainly played an important part in bringing modest Mickey numerous great rewards such as equal first place at Dortmund 1998, undefeated on a score of 6/9 in a ten-player field with a highly impressive average FIDE rating of 1699.

After recently coming country's first ever player to smash through the 2700 rating barrier, the 27 year old man from Truro is calmly progressing even further while his moves storm opponents along the way. An earlier example of a 'demolition job'  is provided by the following 1996 game in New Your, where GM Gregory Serper gets pounded by a power-packed Adams ball heading straight for the back of the net. In the Sicilian Richter - Rouzer scale.

Such potent play enabled Mickey to win the 12 player all play all event on 8 1/2 / 11 with a fabulous 2789 so strngly on the Richer scale.

Chess Annecdotes
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Child Champion.

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