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Monday, July 25, 2011

Chess Improvement Ideas 21.

Pin It Paper, Pencil and Middle game.

Study anything and your will require paper and pencil. Without paper and pencil no one can complete his studies. So, to learn middle game

strategies be ready with your paper and pencil. You will definitely think that why one need paper and pencil.

Look at the Study Pattern.

Purchase a book of grandmasters games. Set the pieces on the board and select one game from the book. Start playing the game. Once the opening is completed close down the book. Take your paper and pencil.Think for the next move. It may take half an hour or more. Time is not the problem. Note down the candidate move that clicks to your mind. Think for the alternate moves (variations) and note down if it is there. Once you have noted down the possible candidates moves open the book and check what move the Grandmaster has played. If the move matches your selected candidate move say excellent and give a pat on you back. If it is different than think and study the advantages of that move. Check out the opponents response and continue the same for the next move. Ofcourse, it is time consuming, if your are getting bore take a break and continue the same game at the future date. Remember speed never develop your thinking process and therefore, the well known players always insist on playing long games and not blitz games. For the longer time you look at the board and the position that increases the visualisation power.

When you have gone through this process for the whole game, go ove the annotations in the book and compare them with the notes you made. See how close you came to following the logic of the game and compare any tactical operations to your own analysis. If you are going away the original game do not get depressed and keep on doing practice the same way.

One day you will find that your work is becoming more concise and accurate. You will take less time to understanding more about the position. You will get better if your at it.

You can buy a book like 'Think Like a Grandmaster' by Kotov. and read it to improve your powers of calculation.

Ofcourse it is a time consuming and hard work. Hard work is the only key for success.

Readers may write there ideas about developing middle game tactics through comment.

Your comments are the most valuable assets.

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