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Friday, July 22, 2011

Chess improvement ideas Part 17.

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Forks ( Double attack )

Forks are the tactical maneuvers in which a piece or pawn attacks two enemy pieces or pawns at the

same time. Many beginners think that only Knighs can accomplish forks. But in fact other pieces, including the KIng, are capable of attacking two enemy men at the same time.

In this article we'll look at how each piece can create a fork.

The forks can be created by
1) Knights
2) Bishop
3) Rooks
4) King
5) Queen
6) Pawns

Knight Forks :

Most of the beginners live in fear of the enemy Knights. However, if you take the time to study the Knight's eccentric way of moving, you will notice that the Knight can never attack squares of two different colours at the same time. This knowledge can sometimes come in handy when you are choosing where to put your men in the face of Knight threats.
Because of the Knight's unusual way of hopping around the board, beginners are often taken by surprise and find themselves the victim of a Knight fork.

In the above diagram the count is even, but White changes the situation dramatically with 1 Nc7+, forking the King and the Rook, Black must move his King, which allows 2 Nxa8 and puts White ahead by a whole Rook.

The position in the diagram revolves around the same theme. With 1 Nc7+ White attacks no less than four Black pieces -- both rooks, the King and the Queen - at the same time ( A fork that attacks the King and the Queen is called a royal fork) Beginners when the get trapped by the royal fork they may become ' Knight Phobic" and develop a special fear for the developing Knight.

The Bishop fork will be discussed in the Nect Article.

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