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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Daily chess Puzzle 30

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Daily Chess Puzzle 30.

In the diagram material is even, but Black's Minor pieces are out of the battle And Whites pieces and pawns are threatening the Black King. Seeing his chance for a

strange back rank checkmate, Anderssen lures Black's King into the open with,

1 Qxg7+! Kxh7 ( Now 2 Rh3 fails to 2...Qh6, so White Prevents Black's Queen from defending)
2 f6+! Kg8 (even more abrupt is 2...Qxd3 3 Rh3+ Kg8 4 Rh8 Checkmate)
3 Bh7+! ( allowing White's rook to check the King with tempo. The immediate 3 Rh3 allows Black to create an escape route fo f7 for his King with 3 ...Rxf6 ) 3 ... Kxh7 4 Rh3+ Kg8 5 Rh8 Checkmate.

Anderson played such extraordinary games that some were given the distinction of a title. Two such games were dubbed "The Immortal Game" and " Evergreen Game"

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