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Monday, July 25, 2011

Destroying the KIngs's Bunker.

Pin It It is always said that one should take out the pieces as quickly as possible and then follow the castling. Once the castling is done the King

enters into the bunker where the safety of the King is more during the time of actual game. The three pawns and a Rook covers the King and hence it is difficult for the opponent to destroy this Bunker. To destroy this Bunker the opponent will often have to sacrifice his one or two commandos and draw out the enemy King out of its Bunker to the fighting ground. When this king comes out on the battle ground without cover it can be attacked very easily and perished.

Here see the example How white has used the chess tactics / chess strategies to take out the King on the battle field.

In the above diagram White to Play and First see the common mistake made by the White in taking out the enemy King out of the Bunker. Remember it is not sufficient to take out the king only to the second rank (Sometimes it suffice) but sometimes it is necessary to draw out the king still further otherwise the king may step back to its original position, the position of safety.

In the above diagram White player has tried,

1 Ng5 h6 2 Nxf7?! Rxf7 3 Bxf7+ Kxf7.

This is not the good maneuver for White. Black's King can easily step back to safety with 4 ... Kg8.

If you want to be successful with a capture on f7, you must draw the King even further into the centre of the board. The following example illustrates it best.

Here White finds a novel way of inviting Black's King to come to the Battle field.

1 Bxf7+! Kxf7

Bishop knocked at the door of the castle / Bunker and the Black King opened the door to see the one who is waiting at the door with the intention to attack the Knocker. He succeeds in doing so and this is the first sacrifice of the White in drawing out the enemy King. If this King succeeds in occupying the original position then with .... Kg8, then While's sacrifice will have been in vain.

It should be the part of tactics / strategy to pull him out further by the another piece hiding just near by ( I call this piece as waiting piece).

White Plays

2 Qe6+!!

Oh! White is still ready to sacrifice his Queen. Now Black retreats with 2 Kf8 loses o 3 Ng5 and Qf7 Checkmate is hard to stop.
Therefore, Black decides to capture the Queen as a Gift came on the way and steps into the middle of the board.

2 ... Kxe6

The response is 3 Ng5 checkmate.

Moral that we get from this story is that

Always try to keep the pawn cover in front of your King intact and be sure your King has room to breathe otherwise you will be the victim of back rank checkmate.

Contd .....

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