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Friday, July 22, 2011

Endgame Technique Part 6

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King and Pawn Vs. King : Basic Themes.

The Rule of the Square

If the defending King can step into the square of the pawn, then he can stop the pawn. If not, the

pawn can promote. We call the square tht encloses the pawn'sdiagonal to the promoting rank the 'square of the pawn.'

If the pawn is still on its starting square, then the square rul must be applied to the square inn front of the pawn.

If white is to Play then he can win the game by simply advancing his pawn
1 a4 +- 
The pawn on a4 has the square a4-e4-e8-a8 The balck king is not able to catch it any more since it is outside the square of the pawn.

If Black has to move, his king will step into the square of the pawn and secures the draw.

Blacks first move will be 1... Kf3 it stepped into the Squre of the pawn and now it can catch the pawn in the 6th move 6 ...Kxa8.

Remember this Rule of the square when the end game is king and pawn vs. King.

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