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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Every pawn advance creates a fresh weakness.

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Kaufman -- Evans, U. S. Open Championship, 1955

White Moves .
This concept is so highly theoretical that it is comforting to find an example in practical play - even if one does happen to be on the wrong end of it!
Black has just played h6, "Putting the question" to the Bishop, White's reply comes as a rude shock!

1 Bxh6!   gxh  2 Qe3  Kg7

This move gives White his piece Back without a fight. However, there is no way to kep the extra piece.

The game actually continued with 3 Qxe7, Qxe7  4 Rxe7 and White won the pawn. Though Black succeeded in drawing the endgame, he should have lost

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