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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Garry Kaspoarov.

Pin It After Mikhail Botvinnik regained his title in 1961, players with

positional styles once again held the highest chess titles. The world of chess was dominated by the likes of Tigran Petrosian, with his motto of 'safety First". Boris Spassky, who had an aggressive, universal style; and Bobby Fischer, who had a very clear, simple, classic style. In 1975, Anatoly Karpov won the title by default from Fischer. Thereafter, Karpov set out to prove that he deserved to be World Champion. With his refined, dry style and relentless precision, he crushed everyone in sight. People dreamed of a Tal-like player who would rise up and brighten the chess world with tactical fantasy.

The dream became reality when Garry Kasparov won the title from Karpov in 1985 at just 22 years of age! Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, Kasparov is considered by many to be a reincarnation of Alexander Alekhine. a master of all openings, Kasporav slices and dices his opponents with a combinative vision that is every bit the equal of Tal's and Alekhine's. the excitement of Kasparov's style has revitalized interest in chess.


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