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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Open Files.

Pin It "The aim of all maneuvers on an open files is the ultimate intrusion along this file onto the seventh or eight rank, i.e. into the enemy position"


Rooks need open files if they are to become a force in the game. However, if the open files does not fit in with the overall strategic plan, then it is not at all clear if you should play to control it - each position has its own answer. In particular, putting one's Rooks on a file often just leads to the opponent doing the same, and a subsequent massive trade down this file would then be a typical result. Of course, thrdes are not to be spurned, especially if you have prevented the opponent from dominating a file that could lead to an eventual unpleasantpenetration.

Before you decide to fight for a file or simply give it to the opponent, yu should answer the following questions.

1) Is a penetration along this file possible for my opponent or myself? If it turns out to be a dead end street then why bother with it in the first place.

2) Can I afford to take the time to place my Rooks on this file or do I have more urgent business to attend to elsewhere?

3) If I place my Rooks on this file will they work with the rest of my pieces and influence the imbalances in the position?

4) Do certain factors in the position call for me to retain at least one Rook? If so, I might want to avoid the file (and a possible exchange along it) altoghthe.

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