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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Theory of Combination.

Pin It In every game there are some rules. The rules are framed after the study of number of games. After having myriads of experiences, that players have come across during a live game are collected together and the rules are

framed. These rules are to be observed in particular situations. I will not call these a rules because rules are to be followed in toto. I would like to call it as Guidelines to act in particular situation.

We will see a game and try to reach the guidelines which will be helpful in the different complicated situations or framing combinations that lead to winning status.

Alekhine - Junge, Warsaw 1942 White to Play

If you at the diagram you will find that there are three circles. What thaught comes to your mind after looking at the encircled pieces. You can observe the following things,

1) The Black Queen is undefended.
2) Black's b6 knight and d8-Rook are not well defended because if the Queen at c7 is deflected the Knight can be captured.

What does the arrows in the diagram indicate. It indicates that,

1) The Black King is very open and unsafe.
2) White can play Qc7+ and alternatively attacks Rd8. Which increases the attacking pieces of white on d8-Rook.

After observing these things we can decide a strategy and combination thereof.
It is that we should try to deflect the Black Queen or d8-Rook.
Observing the pattern we can design different types of combinations. Then we have to see which is most advantages and apply.

The First Combination is,

1 Rxd8 Rxd8 2 Ra7 you will find what an excellent move? succeeded in deflecting the queen. 2 ... Qxa7 3 Qg5+ Kf8 4 Qxd8+ Kg7 You have done nothing but a forced trade that too in a style.

The second combination can be,

1 Bxf7 Black has four alternative moves to play,

1 ---Kh8 but 2 Qf6 checkmate.

2 ---Kxf7 2 Qh7+ and wins Queen followed by 3 Qxc7

3 ---Rxf7 2 Qg5+ and the d8-Rook falls.

and the fourth one is,

1 ---Qxf4 2 Rxd8! Black could now resign since 2 ... Rxd8 loses to something that looks remarkably like a triple jump in checkers : 3 Qxd8+ and 5 Qxb6.

2--Na4 Any other Knight move allowed 3Raa8. Now 3 Rad1 followed by 4 R1d7 is quite crushing bu Alekhine, known as the sadist of the chess board, instead tortured his opponent with a 'quiet' move. 3 b3! and Black resigned 3---Nb6 hangs the knight to 4 Qxb6. 3 ---Nxc3 4 Raa8 leads to mate 3 ---Rxd8 4. Qg5+ wins back the Rook with check and then allows White to chop off the Knight with axb3. 3 ---Qxb3 4 Rxf8 mate.

To add one more thought to the subject of combinations, GM Y. Averbach has stated that the vast majority of combinations are based in one way or another on the theme of double attack.

From the above game we can frame the guidelines for the combination as,

1) Open or Weakened King. Also includes stalemated King.
2) Undefended pieces ( this does not include pawns)
3) Inadequately defended pieces

always follow these guidelines to reach any combination which is most advantageous.

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