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Friday, August 26, 2011

Common Patterns in Chess.

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Here I would like to give the most common patterns which occur most of the time. The study of such patterns would be helpful for the attacker as well as defender. These patterns usually occur with the slightest difference and the player has to apply his knowledge in that slightly changing scenario.

We observe that the common castling takes place on the short side. Therefore, the patterns occuring in the endgame after such castling is discussed here.

First Pattern

This pattern is called Archetypal position.

Normaly it is not so easy. The Archetypal Position always occur with other combinations and we will study such combinations.

In order to avoid mate by the excellent move by white Qxh7 Black will have to give up his Rook if Black has to play.

In the position given below We see the Black Queen is hanging. It has no support and vulnerable to attack by the Bishop on g1. Think How White will proceed to capture the opponent's Queen.

contd ......

More positions will be added.

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