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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Domination in Chess 1

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King Alone gains upper hand against two knights.

White to Play

1. Ra8 ({False ideas are} 1. Rxb6 Nd5+) ({or} 1. Ra7  Nxb5 2. Rb7 Nc6+
3. Kd7 Ncd4 4. Rxb6 Kg5 {and Black can hold without much effort.}) 1...
Nxa8 2. Kd8 Kg5 3. Kc8 {
The king alone gains the upper hand against two knights!} 1-0

Black King is Unfavourably Placed.

White to Play

{In the composers first version, a bishop stood on f1 rather than a knight.
But if so, White can win mundanely because the black king is too unfavorably
placed: 1 Rf3 Kxa2 2 Kc2.} 1. a3 Rxf1+ 2. Ke2 Rf4 (2... Rh1 3. Rd1+) (2...
Kc2 3. Rd2+) 3. Rb3+ Ka2 4. Rb4 1-0

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