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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Endgame Strategy 21.

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White to Play.

1 d6+!! exd6 ( Black can do know better if he moves his king, White cleans up with 2 d7 moves his king to f7 with appropriate timings and garner Black's pawn for an easy win.

2 Kd5! Kc8 (Trap)

3 Kc6!! ( Not 3 Kxd6? which draws after Kd8) Kd8

4. Kxd6 ( Now White has won the pawn while taking the opposition, and the latter makes all the difference) Ke8

5 e7 1-0

White to Play

If we look at the position we find the following imbalances,
1. White is a pawn ahead.
2. White has two protected passed pawns.
3. Black has a protected pawn.
4. White King is quiet a disatance away from its passed pawns and will not likely not be able to assist in their advance.
The denouncement rests on this last point.

1 Kd4  Kg4  2 h4  Kh4 ( So far, so good white has made a little progress)

3 Ke4  Kg4  Ke3  Kh5  5 Kf3 ( Triangulation forces king to give around while remaining in the c4 pawn's square) Kg6  6 g4  Kh6  7 h5  Kg5  8  Ke3  Kh6  9 Kf4  Kg7  10  g5 Kh7  11  g6+  Kh6  12 Ke3  Kg7
13  Ke4  Kh6  14  Kf4  Kg7  15  Kg5  c3  16  h6+  Kg8   17  Kf6  c2  18 h7+  Kh8  19  Kf7  c1  Q  20 g7 + Kxh7  21  g8 Q  Kh8  22 Qg6 # 1-0 

White to Play

This is a very important defensive tool. Sometimes the defender can find a stalemate defence in more complex positions.

1 Kg4 ( 1   gx f6?? gxf6  2  Kg4  Ke4  3 Kh5  Kxh5  4 Kh6  Kg4  5  Kxh7  Kh5! ) Ke4  2  g6!  h6  3  Kh5  Kxf5  Statemate. 1/2 - 1/2

Dear Readers Its for You.

White to Play

Comment your answers.

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