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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How To Exploit Open Files and Diagonals Part 3.

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Nimzowitch the Great Chess playing personality the world has ever produced once said that, 'The aim of all maneuvers on an open file is the ultimate intrusion along this file onto the seventh or eigthth rank, i.e. into the enemy position.'

Jeremy Silman in his book 'How to reassess your chess' writes "Like dogs to a bone, rooks have a natural attraction to the seventh rank. Once on the seventh, a Rook usually attacks many pans and often traps the enemy King on the back rank."
This is the importance of the Rook on the Open file

See the diagram below to see how to exploit the open files.

{when we observe the position we find that the both sides will try to control
the c8 square. Why? Because when While (will develop its pawn on c-file Black
will surely try to capture this pawn or obstruct its mobility. How White will
respond to the position.) } 1. Rd1 {( White takes the control of the d-file
which is open. Can you think Why White has shifted to the d-file instead of
protecting its pawn on c-file. No ! just go ahead and check Why?)} f5 2. gxf5
exf5 3. Nd6

{( Oh! Excellent. White has controled the c8 square by taking its
Knight to the d6 square. Still go ahead to check How White has exploited the
Open file by shiftingnits rook from semi-open file to open file.)} f4+ 4. exf4
gxf4+ 5. Kg4 bxa4 6. c6
( Now you will observe that how White has gained a
support of Rook to the Knight on d6)} Nc2 7. c7

Ke6 {(What White should Play now?)} 8. Ne8 Rxe8 9. Rd8

{( You can see How White has exploited the Open File)}

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