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Friday, August 12, 2011

How to exploit Open Files/Diagonals Part 1

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Open File.

In the middle game it is important to utilize the strength of the 'Long Range Missiles' as Queen, Rooks, and Bishops. For this purpose player needs clear idea of the significance of open files and diagonals and of how to gain control over them.

Open Files and Semi-open Files.

Open file is a file completely clear of pawns, where as in a semi-open file there are only pawns of the opponent. These open files are the straight highways for carrying the warloads of missiles through Queen, Rooks or Bishops. These open files provides positional advantage. The first strategical tasks in chess is to seize open files with rooks. The rooks allowed to occupy open file with the intention to place the rook on the 7th or 8th rank where most of the enemy pieces resides.

             Open b-file                           Semi-open b-file


          Semi-open h-file.

If the file is already open, all you need to seize it. by placing your rook on it. It is the most ideal square for the rook. However, it is not always true. Sometimes one has to bring two rooks on the file or three heavy pieces on the same open file. This arrangement is called as the 'Battery Arrangement.'

First Diagram 
( left ) is showing the Battery of two rooks generally called as doubling of rooks
Second diagram (Right ) is showning the Battery of three heavy pieces generally called as tripling.

How to exploit Open Files and Diagonals Part 1.

Passive Sacrifices.

Elimination of Defenders.

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