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Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to exploit Open Files/Diagonals.

Pin It In the middle game it is important to utilize the strength of the 'Long Range Missiles" ie. Queen, Rooks and Bishops. Here is the excellent example of Using the Open Files.

(13) Chigorin,Mikhail - Falk,Rafail
Moscow, 1907
White has the two bishops which, however, have no open diagonals for their actions yet.

His first and foremost task is to activate them and seize the open h-file with the rook. 1.Qc1! This move provides for the transfer of the white rook to h1 while creating the threat 2.¥xg5. 1...Qg8 2.Qb2 Kg7 3.Rh1 The Rook did join battle. Now it's the Bishops' turn to do the same. 3...Kf8 4.c3 Clears the way for the light-squared bishop, which is heading for the only open diagonal a2-g8. 4...Ke8 5.Bd1! Nf8 6.Bb3 Qg7 7.Bc1! Protects the a3-pawn and at the same time vacates the second rank for the kingside transfer of the queen. 7...c6 8.Rh5! The rook must stay in front of the queen. 8...Rd8 9.Qf2 Provokes Black to play b6-b5, which would open the diagonal g1–a7 for the other white bishop. 9...Nc8 10.Be3 Doubling the bishop and the queen. 10...b5 11.Qh2 And now White doubles his heavy pieces to penetrate with the rook into the opponent's rear. 11...b6? An error. However Black's position was already critical. 12.Be6! Ne7 13.Bxb6 Nxe6 14.fxe6 Ng6 15.Rh7

Qg8 16.Qh5

Black resigned. There is no satisfactory defense against the threats 17.¦h8 or 17.¥xd8. The mostinstructive point of this example is the cooperation of bishops and heavy pieces in the attack. The bishops held under control the weakened diagonals a2-g8 and g1–a7, while the heavy pieces dominated on the h-file. Pay attention to the preparatory stage of the attack, to the way White deployed his bishops just where they had to be. 17.¦h8 oder 17.¥xd8. 1–0

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