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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Middle Game Strategy

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White is developed excellently and built up his attack in the
best possible way. Black has two which are not active in the game where as
white's rooks are active and are posted on the open or semi-open files. White
Bishop is excellently posted into the opponent's territory on g5. White has
also formed the battery on open d-file. Black has d7 and d6 weakness Black
should think of exploiting weak f7 square. b7 is also a weak pawn. Blakc's
queen is entered right into the White's territory and in many positions a
single avantgrade, here Queen, can disrupt the opponent's forces. Because
white cannot move with absolute freedom within his own territory, he will find
it more difficult to coordinate his attack. If we find attacking the d6 or
f6 suare the strategy will to develop the pieces accordingly.} 1. e5 {d6 pawn
cannot capture it since the Bishop behind it is not sufficiently guarded.} Qf5
2. Kb1 {This is the impressive move because it leaves the e-pawn hanging once
again. This move is called as Hector's homecooking because this most dangerous
move is not the computer move.} (2. exd6 Qxg5 3. Qxg5 Bh6 4. Qxh6 Rxh6 5. Bf3
b6 6. Rh4 Rc8 7. Kb1 Ne5 8. Bb7 Rc4 9. Nd4 g5) 2... d5 (2... Qxe5 3. Bxh5 Rxh5
4. Rxh5 gxh5

5. Re1 Qf5 6. Nd5 Be7 7. Nc7+ Kd8 8. Bxe7+ Kxc7 9. Qxd6+ Kc8 10.
Nc5 e5 11. Bf6 b6 12. Bxe5 Nxe5 13. Rxe5) 3. Rde1 {It is important to post the
Knight on the e4 square since it will control the two weakness of white viz d6
and f6. But there is one another interesting weakness in the Black's camp ie.
c7.} d4 {Its a grave mistake. Black should have done something to develop
the pieces.} 4. Nxd4 Nxd4 5. Qxd4 Qxg5 6. Ne4 Qd8 7. Bxh5 Bg7 8. Bxg6 Rxh1 9.
Rxh1 fxg6 10. Nd6+ 

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