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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mikhail Tal and His Sacrifices Part 3.

Pin It Tal was expert ambusher. His opponent would think he had seen a big hole in Tal's plans, and aim straight for it, only to find that Tal had discovered a twist that grabs advantage from the jaws of defeat. The following game against Nikitin is a dramatic case. (See last chess game of Mikhail Tal)

Black to Play

Tal's attack is focused on the g2-square, where the lines of the rooks on the g-file and of the c6-bishop intersect. Nikitin is well aware of this, having apparently foreseen that Tal would leave his queen en prise and prepared a wicked response.

20...Rdg8! 21 Qa7 Nxe4! 22 Bb6

The Bishop move attacks the queen and discovers an attack on the e4 knight. Tal must leave his queen to be taken and continue with his assault on g2. ( List Books of Mikhail Tal)

22...Nxc3! 23 Bxc7 Nxe2 24 Bb6

The Bishop must save itself and let the rook capture on g2. 24 Rf2 is no good, as 24 ...Kxc7 25 Rxe2 Bxf3! cracks open the g-file, winning bags of material after 26 gxf3 Nxf3 with the mate threat at g1. This is no problem to Nikitin, as he believes that Tal has miscalculated.

24 ...Rxg2 25 Ba4!

A brilliant idea. The c6-Bishop can neither move nor stay still, because 25...Bxf3 allows 26 Qa8#, 25 ...Bxa4 leaves the b-pawn unguarded so that White can play 26 Qa8+ Kd7 27 Qxb7+ mating. and leaves Bishop where it is allows the same mating sequence since the c6-bishop will be pinned once the black king reaches d7.

It is not clear whether Tal foresaw this idea when he started his combination. As in his game

against Hecht, he is able to simplify down to a superior endgame with a nice forcing sequence.

25..Rg1+! 26 Bxg1 Rxg1+ 27 Qxg1

27 Rxg1 Bxf3+ 28 Rg2 Nf4 is ever better for Black.

27...Bxf3+ 28 Rxf3 Nxg1 29 Rc3+ Kd8 30 Kxg1

Tal has two pawns for the exchange, and his compact central Pawn-mass gives him a pleasant advantage. his endgame play is too good for Nikitin, and his pawns prepare for touchdown.

30...d5 31 Rg3 Bg5 32 b4 b5 33 Bb3 f5 34 c3 Ke7 35 a4 f4 35 Rh3 Nc4 37 axb5 axb5 Kf2 Kd6 39 Ke2 e5 40 Bc4 bxc4 41 Rh5 e4 42 h4 f3+ 43 Kd1 Bf4 44 Rf5 0-1

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