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Monday, August 8, 2011

Mikhail Tal and His sacrifices Part 4.

Pin It One of Tal's Specialities was to put his opponent to sleep quietly. he would play a combination,
( White to Play Tal - Rantanen, Tallinn 1979) and his opponent would think he had all of his bases covered. Then Tal would play an unforeseen move, probably a quiet one and his oponent would suddenly realize that the game was up. In this way he was similar to Alekhine. they could both thank not only their extraordinary combinative vision, which enabled them to see so far in advance, but also their uncanny intuition, which told them that it was worth analysing along the routes that led to these strange debacles for their opponents.

The f7 rook is actively placed, but Tal's other rook is under attack. As many of his opponents discovered, attacking a Tal piece is no guarantee that he will move it.

24 Nf6!! gxf6

Capturing the rook loses prettily 24...Bxd1 25 Qh4 h6 26 Qxh6+! gxh6 27 Rh7#

25 Qh4 Bg7 26 Bh6! Bxd1

Rantanen presumably believed that Tal had overestimated the strength of the attack, so he removed the rook. The best defence is 26 Rg8, but then white wins by 27 Rxd6, which threatens to kill the black king through overexposure starting with 28 Bxg7+ Rxg7 29 Rxg7 Kxg7 30 Qxf6 Kg8 31 Qg5+ Kh8 32Qe5+ Kg8 and, now that the e-pawn is out of the way, finishing with 33 Qg5+ Kh8 34 Qf6+ Kg8 35 Rd5, when the imminent rook check on g5 will be fatal Black can meet this threat by 27 ...Rb7 but the weakening of the back rank allows White to simplify to a winning queen and pawn ending with 28 Bxg7+ Rxg7 29 Rxb7 Qxh7 30 Rd8+ Rg8 31 Rxg8+ Kxg8 32 Qxg4+.

27 Bxg7+ Kg8

Now Rantanen was probably convinced that the attack was at an end 28 Qxf6 loses to 28 ...Rh7, while the attempt at perpetual check by 28 Rxf6 fails to 28 ...Qg4. We can imagine his surprise when Tal Calmly moved his bishop into the corner, leaving two of his three remaining pieces en prise.

28 Bh8

Here comes that helpless feeling. Mate is threatened on h7 (whether or not he captures the bishop) while capturing the rook allows mate in two,

28...Kxf7 29 Qxf6+ Kg8 30 Qg7# (1-0)

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