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Friday, September 23, 2011

Opening Instructor Part 2

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Opening with d4.

As we go on developing our opening knowledge we find that every opening has its own weakness.

The player must know in advance the weakness and the strength of the opening before using it in the games.

The 'e4' and 'd4' opening is the most common in the chess parlance. When we open with the 'e4' pawn it controls one central square (d5) but the 'd4' pawn opening one additional benefit that it controls the e5-square as well as d4-square. This d4-square is controlled by the queen behind it. Another difference is that when the games opens with e4-pawn it is undefended and hence vulnerable for the immediate attack.

It can be explained by the following examples.

Alekhine Defence ( 1e4 Nf6 )
Scandenavian defence ( 1 e4  d5)

Others allow 2 d4 and then attack e4on Black's 2nd move. : The Caro Kannn Defence ( 1 e6  c6  2 d4  d5 ), the French Defence ( 1 e4  e6  2 d4  d5 ) and the Pirc Defence ( e4  d6  2 d4 Nf6 ).

But 1 d4 , none of Black's major defences attack the d4-pawn and none even allow 2 e4, ie these defences all start with either 1 ... d5  or  1 ...Nf6  fighting for control of e4.

On the other side, when we White plays 1 d4, it has done nothing to contribute towards castling kingside. In fact, he often follows up with the moves 2 c4, 3 Nc3 and in some cases moves such as 4 Bf4, 4 Bg5 or 4 Qc2 none of which clear the way for kingside castling.. The Whites prospects of castling Queen side enhances due to early development of Knight and Bishop. But When White castles Queen side But the Queenn Side castling carries with it too many risks in terms of exposing White's King to quick attack.

Here one might think that the delayed castling of white can be well exploited by the Black.. But the delayed castling hasn't proved a decisive factor in the ensuing play. Furthermore, White can achieve positions in which his moves allow rapid castling anyway. Black emphasizes prevention of e4 since that would ideally be White's next move.

Opening Instructor Part 1 : Catalan Defence.

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