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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Decoy : A strategy in Chess

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It is a tactical device that forces the opponent's piece or pawn to leave its position and give

access to an important square or line.

White to Play
Can you think how Queen can be moved away the 7th rank. Just see if white captures Black Bishop on b7-square and Black Queen captures the White Bishop. The queen is deflected to b-7 square but still remain guarding the 7th rank. Now think how Queen can be decoyed to other rank?
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Still problem the check How the game follows,

1 Bxb7 Qxb7 2 Qd5 Black resigned, in view of the fact that he loses a piece : 2...Qxd5 3 Nxe7+ and 4 Nxd5; 2 ... Nc6 3 Qxc6!

Here is another Example.

White to Play

Black Bishop on e7-square is guarded by Rook and attacked by White Knight on g6-square. Think of decoying the rook from the 7th rank. I give you the Hint that it can be done by using a long range missile.
Are you getting the Hint? If not see the game that followed.

1 Qa8 ( launching a long range missile) The capture of Queen is followed by  Nxe7+  (forking King and Queen)

But if  Instead of capturing the queen Black plays 1.... Rb7 then 2 Nxe7+  Rxe7  3  Qb8 with the same result.


The motiff behind this is the exploitation of hidden weakness on the eight (or the first ) rank. The act of decoying the pieces guarding the eight or the first rank can bring a tsunami in the opponents field. 

Another Example :

White to Play

If Black Queen id decoyed to either Q-side or K-side then the Back rank will become weak.
Checking for the candidate move which will compel Black Queen to Move to either side.

1  Rc2!

(attacking Queen compeling it to move)   

1 ...Qxd4

( Black avoids to move to either Q-side or K-side knowing its back rank weakness. )   

2 Rc4    (Againing attacking Black Queen with intention to deflect it )

2 ... Qb6   

Black plays with the intention to improve its back rank weakness and strengthening the d8-square)

3  Rc8+   Rd8  4 Qb5   (Decoying the Queen ends the game.)

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