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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Decoy : The way of attack in Chess.

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It is a tactical device that forces the opponent's piece or pawn to leave its position and give access to an important square or line.

It is nothing but compelling the opponent to leave the square or the line in case of Bishop or Rook or Queen.

1. Nf7 Qe8 (1... Kxf7 2. Qh5+

Ke7 3. Rxe6+ Kxe6 4. Re1+ Kd6 5. Qc5+ Kd7 6. Qf5+
Kd6 7. Qe6#) 2. Rxe6 Qxe6 3. Nd8 Qe4 4. Nxc6

If You observe the Diagram you will find that the White King is behind the Bunker of Two White Pawns.
The Pawn exactly in front of the White King if force to move to either f3 or h3 square then the White King will be open for attack and it will become vulnerable. Forcing g2 pawn to f3 is possible only through sacrifice either by capturing it or forcing it to capture the piece placed at f3-square.

If White avoids capturing Knigt at f3

 1... Nf3   Kh1  Nf2#

If White captures the Knight on f3-square.

2 gf3  Rg6   3  Kh1  Nf2#

A smothered mate through a tactic of Decoy.

In the diagram the on the e3-square is well protecting the White King on diagonal c1-h6 from the Black queen attack. One can think of capturing this pawn by Black Knight on f5-square and simultaneously forking White Queen and Rook. Then the White will have the forced move of capturing the Black Knight.

See how the game follows.

1...Ne3!  2 Ke3  (forced move)  Ng4!  Check and again ready to occupy the e3-square to fork the White Queen and Rook.  Kd2  Qf4  4  Ke1  Ne3

The game may go like this,

1... Ne3!  2 Ke3  Ng4!  Bg4  Qf4  4  Ke2  Qf2#

The more will be added....

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