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Saturday, November 19, 2011


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The act of decoying plays important role when one piece is overworked and engaged in defending one, two or three pieces or one , two or three squares. If such piece is decoyed then the square or pieces it is defending becomes vulnerable.

Here Black Plays 1 ... Re1  2 Rx e1  Qd4+

White queen will have to capture the Black queen or Black queen will capture it and subsequently the white queen will get decoyed.

                                                      Its indirect control over the e1 square will get removed.

In this position Black queen is guarding Black Rook which is attacked by White Queen and Two Black Bishops are also defended by the Same Black Queen. If this Black Queen is deflected or decoyed the Black rook and the Bishops will become vulnerable. or defenceless.

1  Qc4+   Kb8   2  Rxd7 Black Queen is compelled to move.

White Rook on d1 is guarded by Queen on f3. Think of decoying this queen on f3.

1 .... Qc6

drawing the queen away from defending the rook at d1, and at the same time attacking the rook at b5, forced White to resign.

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