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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Seven Rules of Development.

Pin It Before going to the seven rules of development we should see the attributes/elements of the chess strategy. These are ,

1. The Centre
2. Development and arrangement of pieces.
3. Pawn structure.
4. Strong and weak square and points.
5. Open lines and diagonals.
6. Advantage of the Bishops pair
7. Position of the King.

Keeping these seven elements in the mind one has to do the development of chess pieces.

The seven Rules of Development :

1. Do not make more than two or three pawn moves ( First develop your central pawns)
2. As soon as possible develop your Bishops and Knights.
3. Your pieces should occupy or attack the central squares.
4. Do not move with the same piece twice if it does not give you any direct profits.
5. Do not go for opponents pawn if it does not help the development of your pieces.
6. Do not hurry to bring out yur queen until your king has castled.
7. Develope your pieces in such a way that they prevent the development of your opponent.

All these above rules are conditional so I never call them as rules but just the guidelines.

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