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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blockade : The King's immovability.

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The King is blocked and immovable. Black have the strategy to check the White king/ How Black can check the white King? If you cannot find the move think of sacrificing the Knight? The Knight sacrifice with check is possible fro two squares 1 Nd2 Or Ng2. Which is more beneficial. Back rank entry for the rook at g6-square is needed.
1.  ----          Nd2
2   Rd2          Re1
3   Ke1          Rg1+

Again King is immovable. The Possible squares g8 and h7 are blocked.
The Knight sacrifice is possible move here.

1   Rg7           Rf6
2   Ke5!         Rff8
3   Rh7           Kg8
4   Rcg7#

1   Nf6 !           Bf6
2   Bd3             Re8
3   Bh7             Kh8
4   Bg6             Kg8
5   Qh7            Kf8
6.  Qf7#

1   Nb5          cb5
2   Qc5          Nc6
3   Qd6          Qc7
4   Ra8#

   1   Nf5        Kg8                  1 ---gf5       Qh5#
   2   Qh6       Nh5
   3   Qg7       Ng7
   4   Nh6#

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