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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Spielmann Attack : Pawn Sacrifice

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Speilmann Attack  :  Pawn Sacrifice
Recently I come across the game in which  White played 5 e4 instead of 5 Nd2 and latter on 6 e4 to chase away the Bishop.

1  d4  Nf6  2 Nf3  c5  3 d5  d6  4 Nc3  Bf5  5 e4!?
Normally played 5 Nd2 g5!  6 e4  Bg6

5 ...Nxe4  6 Qd3

6... Qa5?!

Bad is 6 ... Ng3? 7 Qb5+  After  6 Nxc3  7  Qxf5  8  Qd3  Na4  9 Qb3  Nb6  10  a4 

White has some compensation for the pawn.
7 Ng5!  c4  8  Qf3 

8  Qxc4  Nxc3 is fine for Black.

8 ...Nxc3  9  Qxf5!  Ne4+

The only move in view of the threats on f7 and c8

10  c3 Nxg5  11  Qc8 +  Qd8  12  Qxb7  Nd7  13  Bxg5  Rb8  14  Qxa7  Rxb2

15  Bxc4

Above are the forced moves

15 0-0-0 with an attack was indicated by Kogan, but Drazic move is simpler. White's position is more or less winning. Black should especially investigate 6... c4 which looks like his best bet.

15 ...f6?!  16  Be6  Ne5  17 0-0  Rb8  18  Be2  g6

Black has difficulties finishing his development, he is a pawn down, and to make matters worse his opponent has the simple plan to push his a-pawn all the way

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