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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sicilian Nadjorf : Understanding the moves.

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Sicilian Najdorf : Understanding the Moves.

1  e4  c5

Black Plays c5 to prohibit d2-d4. Also, White Queen gets breathing space along the a5-c8 diagonal.

2 Nf3

Black prepares for d2-d4 to counter the Black's hold on that key square.

2  ...d6

Here White is preparing for e7-e5 advance and supporting the e5 square.

3   d4  cxd4

Black gets the benefit of the half-open c-file that can be exploited in the future. Also, Black gets central pawn majority.

4   Nxd4

White gets the advantage of the half open d-file to exploit it in the future.
4 ...Nf6   5  Nc3 
5 ...a6 ( Black plays to avoid 6 Bb5+ ) This is called as the Sicilian Najdorf variation.

5  ... e5

It is a natural move since one thinks that the centrally positioned Knight can be drived away by this move. But it creates problems to the Black since 6 Bb5 +  will be the next move ( Should Black play 5 ... a6 then). Check What happens when White play 6 Bb5 +

6  Bb5+   Nd7 (Bd7**)  7 Nf5 a6  8 Bxd7+   QXd7  9  Bg5  Nxe5  10 Nxg7+  

You see Black is good on the dark squares but its light squares are weak and therefore White tries to eliminate Black's Knight of f6 to gain the command over the d5 square.

10   ... Bxg7  11  Nxe4  0-0  12  Qxd6  f6  13  Be3  Qg4  14  Nc3  Bf5  15  Qd5+

Check for Another Option

 ** Here we will see what Happens when Black plays  6  ... Bd7

5  ...e5  6  Bb5+  Bd7  7  Bxd7 +  Qxd7  8  Nf3  Qc6  9  Qe2  h6  10  0-0  Be7  11  Nh4  Nxe4  12  Nxe4  Bxh4  13  Qg4  Bg5  14 c4