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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Strategical Combinations.

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Wedberg,T - Sigurjonsson,G

A wonderful combination by the Swedish grandmaster, leading to a winning endgame. 19.Nxf5+!! exf5 20.Rxd8 Kxd8 21.Rxf5 g5 [21...g6 makes little difference.] 22.Rf8+ Kc7 23.Rf7+?! [Even stronger was 23.e6! Bd5 (23...Ng7 24.Rf7+ Kb6 25.Rxg7 and White wins) 24.e7 Ng7 25.e8Q Nxe8 26.Rxe8 and Black has no chance of saving the endgame a pawn down, even though practical play often offers some surprise.] 23...Kb6 24.Nd6 Bxg2 25.Nc8+ Kc5 26.Nxa7 White has a clear edge and was still able to win the game. 26...Bd5 27.Rh7 Kd4 28.Rxh6 Ng7 29.Rh8 Nd7 30.Rh7 Nxe5 31.Rxg7 g4 32.Nc8 Be6 33.Ne7 Nf3 34.Rg6 Ke5 35.Rh6 Bd7 36.Kd1 a5 37.Nc6+ ..And that was the last exercise. 1–0

Manduch,M - Mitov,B

White already has spotted the weakest square in the Black position, e7, and now exposes it by creating an additional weakness on e6 with a deflection. 17.Rxb7!! [Note that after 17.Qd6 Ng6 18.Rbe1? (18.Rxb7? Qxg5! is a cold shower) 18...Qxg5 19.Nd5 Qxd5 20.Qxd5 Nc6 White has won a queen, but at an expense and the advantage is gone.; After 17.Rxb7 Black resigned, as there is no defence: 17...Nbc6 (17...Bxb7 18.Qd6 and Black is mated: there is no way to defend both Qxe6 and Qe7) 18.Qd6 (threatening Re7+) 18...Qa3!? 19.Qxa3 Bxb7 20.Qd6 Bc8 21.Re1 and White wins..(press F10 for the next exercise)] 1–0

Groszpeter,A - Szekely,P

White has many promising continuations, but only one really deadly blow. 23.Bd5!! [23.Be8?! Rh7 24.Qxh7 Kxe8 25.Qg8+ Kd7 26.Rd1+ Qd4 and Black is still struggling.] 23...e4 [Black has no defence at all: 23...Rh7 24.Rxc8+ Rxc8 25.Rxf5+ and Black cannot prevent mate. Not even with 25...Bf6 26.Qxf6+ Ke8 27.Qxe6+ Re7 , as White has 28.Rf8+ Kxf8 29.Qg8# .; 23...Bh4 24.Rxc8+ Rxc8 25.Rxf5+ Ke7 26.Qxe6+ Kd8 27.Qd6+ Ke8 28.Bf7# .; 23...Ba3 24.Rxc8+ Rxc8 25.Qxe6! Kg7 26.Qf7+ Kh6 27.Qf6+ Kh7 28.Qxf5+ Kh6 29.Qf6+ Kh7 30.Be4+ Kg8 31.Qf7# .; 23...Qxc2 24.Rxc8+ Rxc8 25.Bxe6! and Black cannot avoid mate.] 24.Rxf5+! Bf6 [24...exf5 25.Qf7# .] 25.Rxf6+ Ke7 26.Rxe6+ Kd7 27.Qf7+ ..(press F10 for the next exercise) 1–0

Timman,J - Gelfand,B

White has the chance to transpose into a won pawn ending by force. 27.Rc6 Bb7 28.cxd5! Bxc6 29.dxc6 Kd6 [After 29...f5 30.b4 White wins.] 30.g4! Black resigned as he cannot create two passed as well.[30.b4!? Kxc6 31.g4! wins in the same way.; Tyomkin gives the following line to illustrate how White proceeds: 30.g4 Kxc6 31.Kc2 Kd5 32.Kd3 e5 33.b4 Kc6 34.Kc4 Kb6 35.a4 Ka6 36.a5 Kb7 37.b5 Ka7 38.Kc5 Kb7 39.a6+ Ka7 40.Kc6 e4 41.b6+ Kxa6 42.b7 Ka7 43.Kc7 and White wins..(press F10 for the next exercise)] 1–0

Ivanovic,B - Ginsburg,G
White wins with a magnificent king hunt. 27.Rxh7+! Kxh7 28.Qh3+ Kg6 [28...Kg7 29.Qh6# .] 29.Qh6+ Kf5 30.Re1! A very important idea. White is now threatening to win in one move with 31 g4+. 30...Qxg5 [30...Qc4 31.g4+ Kf4 32.g6+! Kg3 (32...Kxf3 33.Nd2+ Kf2 34.Qh4+ and White wins) 33.Rg1+ Kf2 34.Qh2+ Ke3 35.Re1+ Kxf3 36.Nd2+ and White wins.] 31.g4+ [31.Nd4+ Kf4 32.Qh2+ Qg3 33.Re4+ also wins.] 31...Kf4 32.Qh2+ Kxf3 33.Nd4+ [Black resigned due to 33.Nd4+ Kxg4 34.Rg1# ..(press F10 for the next exercise)] 1–0

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