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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Anatoli Karpov defeats Seirawn in Blitz Exhibition Match at Saint Louis

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The rapid match between the two legends Anatoli Karpov and Yasir Seirawan ended in draw and that led to increase the tension as the players headed to 10 games Blitz games. On 13th June both players occupied their seats to release the final tension by showing the par excellence they have in the game of chess. On  On 13 June the Biltz Exhibition match, saint Louis, USA was the cynosure of all chess lovers eyes. Out of ten games Anatoli Karpov won 5 games and Yasir Seirawan Won 3 games. The two games ended in draw. 

In the first game Anatoli Karpov Played 45 g6+. Yasir had only three square available (f8, e8, g8) to move his King. 45 ---Kf8,  45 ---Ke8 both leading to defeat, but 45 ---Kg8 was heading to won. Hum--- Yasir played 45 ---Kf8 and lost the game.
After the half time break Karpov won the three game in row and grabbed the victory and 10000 dollors first Prize.

This was the position on 44th move,

45. g6+ Kf8 (45... Ke8 46. g7 h1=Q 47. g8=Q+ Kd7 48. Qe6+ Kc7 49. Qd6+ Kc8 50. f7 Qh3+ 51. Kf6 Qh4+ 52. Ke6 Qh6+ 53. Ke7 Qh7 54. Qd7+ Kb8 55. Kd6 Qh6+ 56. e6 Qf4+ 57. Kc6 Qc1+ 58. Kxb6 Qe3+ 59. Kxa5 Qd2+ 60. Ka6 Qe2+ (60... Qd3+ 61. Qb5+ Qxb5+ 62. Kxb5 d4 63. f8=Q+ Kb7 64. e7 Kc7 65. Qd8+ Kb7 66. Qd7+ Ka8 67. e8=Q#) 61. Qb5+ Qxb5+ 62. Kxb5 d4 63. f8=Q+ Kb7 64. e7 Kc7 65. Qd8+ Kb7) (45... Kg8 46. e6 h1=Q 47. e7 Qh5+ 48. Ke6 Qg4+ 49. Kd6 Qxg6 50. Kd7 Qf7 51. Kd8 Qxf6 52. Kd7 Qf7 53. Kd8 d4 54. e8=B Qxe8+ 55. Kxe8 d3 56. Ke7 d2 57. Kf6 d1=Q 58. b4 axb4 59. Ke5 Qxa4 60. Kd4 (60. Kd6 b3 61. Ke5 b2 62. Kd5 b1=Q 63. Kd6 Qd3+ 64. Kc7 Qde4) 60... b3+ 61. Kc3 Qa2 62. Kc4 b2+ 63. Kd4 b1=Q 64. Kc3 Qf5) 46. g7+
Kg8 47. Kg6 1-0

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