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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Endgames : First Golden Sands 2012

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Zehar Efimenko and Artem Smirnov

Golden Sands 2012

These are the endgames taken from the 1st Golden Sands Open 2012 Tournament 2nd round. 49...Qxd3 Here White can check the Black King with Qg5+ or Black can play Bd4 followed by Qf6+ Just observe which is beneficial.  50.Bd4 [50.Qg5+ Kf7 The only move. 51.Bxh5+ (51.Bc1 Qb3 52.Bxh5+ Rxh5 53.Qxh5+ Ke7 54.Qh7+) 51...Rxh5 52.Qxh5+ Ke7 53.Qh7+ Kd6 54.Bf4+ e5 55.Bxe5+ Kxe5 56.Qe7+ Kd5 57.Qd7+ Kc4 58.Qxd3+ Kxd3] 50...e5 Most natural move. followed by Qa6 defending the f6-square. 51.Bxe5 Qa6 [51...Qd6 52.Bxd6 Rh6 53.Qe7 Rh7 54.Qe8+ Rf7 55.Bxh5+ Kxh5 56.Qxf7+ Kg5 57.Bf4+ Kg4 58.f3#] 52.Qd8 followed by Qg8+ 52...Qe6 53.Bc3 f4 54.gxf4 Re7 55.Bb2+- Line

K. Rathnakaran -  Kiril Geoglev
1st Golden Sand 2012, 2nd round.
41.Ke1 Bg3+ [41...e2 42.Rxe2 Bg3+ 43.Rf2 Rfxf2 44.d5 Rf3+ 45.Kd1 Rf1#] 42.Kd1 Rf1# Line

Ivan Cheparinov -  Gennady Tunik  0-1
1st Golden Sands 2012 , 2nd round.
Black has five pawns and White has four pawns. And this is the advantage to Black in the end game.Black is ready to pick up the white pawn on f2 and check. Black pawn on a4 is a passed pawn another feather in the Blacks hat.White has to defend its f2-pawn. 43.Kg1 a3 44.Qc2 Black is to promote its Passed pawn to a1Q. Therefore, Black can either exchange its queen with Queen and proceed the pawn without any hinderance.  Or Black can also proceed the same pawn by providing the support using its Queen.  44...Qd5 [44...Qf5 Prepared to exchange the queens. 45.Qc3 (45.Qa2 Qxc5) 45...Qb1+ 46.Kh2 Qb2 Again ready to exchange the queens.] 45.Qa4 a2 46.Qa8+ Kg7 47.Qa4 Qd2 48.Kf1 Qc1+ 49.Ke2 a1Q And Black wins. Line


Krum Georglev - Sual Atalik  1-0
1st Golden Sand 2012.
Black has piece advantage.  Black has one additional Rook which loves the open highways.White is ready to play Qg7+mate and therefore, Black should not give White any chance to play this move.If Black plays Qxd3 then Black Qg7+mate. 45...Rh2+ 46.Kxh2 Qc2+ 47.Kh3 [47.Kg1 Qc5+ 48.Be3-+ Qxe7 (48...Qxe3+ 49.Kg2 Nf8 50.Qd6) 49.Kf1 Qd6 50.Ke2] 47...Qxd3 48.Qg7# Line

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