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Sunday, June 3, 2012

French Opening : Advance Variation.

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When French first began to appear in the late 1800s. 3 e5, the Advance variation, has long been the most popular alternative to 3 Nc3 and 3 Nd2. white it has never commanded the spolight among Anti-French systems. 

1 e4   e6    2 d4  d5   3  e5

As we know every opening has its own advantages and disadvantages. One must know the weaknesses and strengths of particular openings. Keeping these weaknesses and strengths one should proceed the game. 

The 3 e5 prevents the black from playing its natural move Nf6 at the same time the Bishop on c8 is blocked by its own pawn on e6-square. The Bishop is familiar with the name 'Bad French Bishop'.

The strength of Black is in its pawn chain of f7-e6-d5 pawn. 

White can think of breaking this pawn chain by move c5 hitting at the base of the pawn chain or f6 hitting at the opening of the pawn chain. 

There is nothing wrong with  3 ---b6 followed by an early ---Ba6 to solve the problem of the light-light squared Bishop. At the same time thinking to exchange it with the very active White Bishop pm f1-square.

3 --- c5   4 d x c5  Nc6   5  Nf3  Bxc5  6 Bd3  f6!  7.  Qe2  fxe5   8  Nxe5  Nf6  9  Bf4  0-0   10 0-0   Ne4!?  11  Nxc6   bxc6   12  Be3   Bxe3

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