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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday's Improve Your Middle Game.

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A. Bujakevich - L. Kritz
Moscow 1996

1.b3 In the game of chess we always search for the ideal square for the Bishop. The diagonal should be free from any obstruction. since Bishop can move rapidly from one flank to another flank like a long range missile. But simply having a Bishop on the open diagonal does not suffies. It should have the power of exploitng the opponent's position.Here the Bishop is already on the open diagonal but the player must search for more ideal diagonal. 1...Rfe8 [1...Rfd8 Idea of controlling the d5-square. 2.Bb2 c6 3.Rad1 Qe6 4.Rfe1 The aim of the opponent is to block the open diagonal or to exchage the Bishop with own Bishop. 4...Ne8 5.Qe3 Bf6±] 2.Bb2 Bf8 3.Rad1 [3.f3 c6 4.Rad1 Qc7 5.Rf2 Nd7 6.Rfd2 Building a Battery of Rooks and a Queen.] 3...Qc6 4.Rfe1 a6 5.f3 Rad8 6.Kh1 Qd7 7.Ne2 Here you will see how the White Bishop is more ideal at b2. 7...Re6 8.Nf4 Ree8 9.g4 Planning to throw away the Black Knight on f6-square to get more clear diagonal. 9...h6 10.Rg1 Preparing for the g4-g5 move. If Black captures it, white will recapture with the Rook on g1. The the Queen and Bishop ofn the diagonal a1–h8 and the Rook will create a tremendous tenstion on g7-square. Line

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