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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Magnus Carlsen Wins The Tal Memorial.

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Congratulations to Magnus Carlsen. for surviving the roller coaster of the 7th Tal Memorial 2012.  All the results in the Final round of the Tal Memorial 2012 went the way of Magnus Carlsen to get the Clear first Place.

After 8th round Caruana Fabiano was leading with 5/9 points and Magnus Carlsen and Radjabov was chasing him with 4 1/2 points. In the Next position Axex Morozevich, Grischuk, Vladimir Kramnik, and L. McShane were resting with 4 point. Therefore, 9th round was a tough one.

Carlsen defeated Radjabov and took a lead of 5 1/2 points where Aronian won in 54 moves with Caruana Fabiano. This left Carlsen as the clear winner on 5.5/9. Caruana and Radjabov shared second on 5 points..

With this Carlsen is at the top of the ratings list and gain two rating points. He is now closer to Kasparov's record of 2851. The present Unofficial live ratings list, Carlsen's rating is 2837.

Final Standings

Carlsen, Magnus

Caruana Fabiano

Radjabov, T.

Morozevich A

Aronian. L.

Kramnik, V.

Grischuk A.

Nakamura Hi

McShane. L.

Tomashevsky e.

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