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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tuesday's Improve your End Game.

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The Coordination of Rooks and a Bishop.

1. Qb4 It is the Excellent Move. If Black Queen takes the White Queen then the Black pawn on e5 becomes undefended and is captured by White's dark Bishop. The Coordination of the Rooks and Bishop then takes the control of the game.
R8c5 (1... Qxb4 2. Bxe5+ Kxh7 3. Rh3+ Kg6 4. Rf6+ Kg5 5. Rg3+ Kh5 6. Rf5+ Kh6
7. Bf4+ Kh7 8. Rh5#) 2. Rf8+ Qxf8 (2... Kxh7 3. Qxe4+ Kg7 4. Rg8+ Kxg8 5. Qg6+ Qg7 6. Qe8+ Qf8 7. Rg3+ Kh7 8. Qg6+ Kh8 9. Bxe5+ Qf6 10. Bxf6#) (2... Kg7 3. h8=Q+ Kg6 4. Qxe4+ Kg5 5. Rg3#) 3. Bxe5+ Qg7 4. Bxg7+ Kxg7 5. Qd4+ Kxh7 6.
Qxe4+ Kh6 7. Qe6+ Kh7 8. Rh3+ Kg7 9. Rg3+ Kf8 10. Rg8

White has to activate its Bishop. The Black's Bishop is defended by the queenand if the queen is deflected then White will be able to capture the BlackBishop on d4 and check. 1. Qxf7  Qxf7 A forced move. 2. Bxd4+ Qg7 3. Bxg7+(3. Rxg7 Re7 (3... Re5) (3... Rb4) 4. Rxe7+ Kg8 5. Rg7+ Kh8 6. Rg6#) 3... Kg8 4. Bxb2+ Ng6

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