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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Riga Technical University Open 2012

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Riga Technical University in Latvia wiil be the venue for chess festival of the Second Chess Open. It will include two classical time control tournaments and one blitz chess tournament. The tournament will start from August 6 and the closing ceremony will be on 12 August.

The Guaranteed Prize fund for the second edition of the chess festival is 7500 EUR. First Prize for the tournament A is guaranteed to be 1410 EUR, Special prizes for women, juniors, seniors and rating prizes.

Tournament A  : Swiss System 9 round which open for all players.

Tournament B  :  Swiss System in 9 rounds from August 9-12/  it will be open fro the players with ELO below 2150

For More Details  Log in  :  http://www.sahafederacija.lv/?p=1846 

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