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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Annihilation of Defence

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Annihilation of Defense :
Annihilation of defense is the tactics of removal of defender. The key defender can also be removed by deflection, overloading, pin, decoying or other methods. In the method of annihilation of defense the defender is removed physically either by exchange or sacrifice. Every chain has a weak point. The skill is in searching for this weak point. At particular situation the defenses become exhausted. The weakness is generally found in the place where the key point is defended by only one piece. Removing this piece either by sacrifice or exchange and exploiting the weakness is the knack.
To find such weakness the player should search for,
1.       Which pieces are under attack?
2.       Find the defenders of the pieces that are under attack.
3.       Can you capture the defender either by exchange or sacrifice.
See the example.


Petrosian - Ivkov
Beograd, 1979
Black King has the limited mobility. The pawn on e5-square is weak, if not defended by the Black Bishop on d4. If this Bishop is picked up the Black's position deteriorates. 1.Rxd4! [ 1...exd4 2.Re5+ Kxg4 3.h3# ] 1–0

Example 2


(2) Annihilation of defence.
White Bishop is defending the castle sides pawn. Removal of this defender will open the king.  1...Qxf3 2.gxf3 Rg6+ 3.Kh1 Bh3 4.Rd1 Bg2+ 5.Kg1 Bxf3+ 6.Kf1 Rg2 7.Qd3 Rxf2+ 8.Kg1 Rg2+ 9.Kh1 Rg1# 


Annihilation of defence.
Black Bishop on f8-square is defending the king. White Queen is applying skewer at the Bishop. Use this positional benefit to exploit.  1.Rxf8+ Kxf8 2.Nf5+ Kg8 3.Qf8+ Kxf8 [3...Kh7 4.Qg7#] 4.Rd8

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