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Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Pawn : Infantry in the King's Army

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The Pawn : Infantry  in the King’s Army.
The pawn is considered as the weakest piece. There are eight pawns on each side occupying the squares in front of the other pieces. These pawns are also called as the infantry in the king’s army. The pawn has very peculiar movement. It can move one square forward if it is clear. The pawn on its starting rank can move two squares. Another peculiarity is that it cannot move backward, that is why one has to be very careful when advancing a pawn.
The pawn can capture diagonally, one square forward either to left or right. Another unusual move is the en-passant capture.
Pawn, even though the weakest soldier of the army , keeps the ability of promoting to queen. In the course of the game a pawn advances to the other end of the board. When it reaches the other side it gets promoted to another piece of that player’s choice. Generally queen is chosen for promotion and it is called as queening.  Sometimes the piece is chosen other than queen is called as underpromotion. Most of the time the piece selected is Knight, when the position demands.  The position when there is a chance to checkmate or when the possibility of Fork.

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